Zdeer 左点

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
YEAR: 2022
There is a valuable and special calligraphic hand scroll named Immortal Living-Massage Method in the Palace Museum in Beijing. This is a fitness recipe recorded by Yang Ningshi, a calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty, which has been handed down for thousands of years. Now this hand scroll has been fully stamped with collectors’ seals. Generations of people including emperors and literati carefully handed down the Immortal Living-Massage Method from the late Tang Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, who read its brilliant contents and felt its spirituality.

In the Immortal Living-Massage Method, the ideas of health, fitness regimen and conditioning mentioned are the treasures of the traditional Chinese culture. To be specific, Chinese people get used to their physical changes, adjust body circulation and improve their health and mental conditions. This unique body philosophy in oriental countries that develops to where it is today has become a scientific and modern way of life. With the advancement of technology, fitness regimen in the new era has showed its whole new look. “Zdeer” is such a brand that aims at improving human health by taking advantage of science and technology. Under the background of the traditional fitness regimen in China, Zdeer specializes in optimizing the use effect of products with advanced technology and let consumers feel the changes in their health, fitness regimen and conditioning in a more convenient and safer way.

Zdeer’s logo shows to be very prominent just as a collected seal. Zdeer’s logomark is a circular pattern in which a slightly deformed Chinese character “左” falls in the middle. The split character “工” at the lower right corner has been aesthetically deformed as the letter “Z”, which etherealizes the whole character and brings a modern sense to the details. In the meantime, the design of Z echoes the English brand name “Zdeer”. The logomark and wordmark of Zdeer are relatively separated with the purpose of presenting the logomark in a more independent, quiet and confident manner. This unique individuality, in our view, seems to be closer to the means of expression by people in oriental countries.


左点的标识非常突出,犹如一枚藏印。左点的图形标识是一枚类圆形图案,中间是微变形的中文“左”字。左字右下角的工,经艺术处理(书法处理)变形为 Z 字,让文字本身更加充满灵动感,在保证理性和品质的同时,让细节的处理更加具有现代感,同时,Z 的处理更呼应了左点的英文品牌名称 Zdeer 的露出。在标识的使用上,左点的图形标识与文字标识采用相对分离的状态,其目的是让左点的图形标识以更为独立、安静、自信的方式进行呈现,而这种独特的个性,在我们看来也更为接近东方的表达。

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