ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Wang Xiaoshuai
YEAR: 2022
ZZER is one of the most influential second-hand trading brands for luxury in China and an APP of the fastest growing second-hand trading platform for luxury in recent years. The core problem of ZZER’s brand design is to build up a strong sense of trust in luxury trading, rather than merely improving the sense of value for the brand image visually. As we know, both buyers and sellers always have different judgments on the sense of value in the second-hand trading of luxury. Sellers focus more on the operation efficiency, display effect and service of the platform, while buyers care more about the type and quantity of commodity, size and reputation of the platform, as well as the objective description of products. We search for the commonalities between the two different perspectives of both sides and try to meet and balance different needs in a more accurate way.

We summarize ZZER’s brand image to be highly recognizable, moderately bold, and classic & modern conservation. Its high recognition is conducive to showing the value of luxury and attempting to arouse consumers’ association with luxury brands. Moderate boldness is reflected in the breakthrough in style and language as far as we can see; it is exactly the unique temperament that a second-hand luxury trading platform needs. A platform with confidence, attitude and emphasis on itself will surely bring a sense of safety and trust to the buyers and sellers. Classic & modern conservation can be interpreted as the act of purchase and sale. It’s expected that ZZER’s brand image can give consideration to more diverse possibilities. Various styles such as classic, modern, elegant and rebellious images can be found in ZZER.

ZZER presents a simple, elegant and powerful serif. The repeated and superposed double Z gives us the deepest visual impression of the logo, which also shows a very modern side of the logo. At the same time, in the design of typeface of ER, E is narrowed and R lengthened as far as possible, so that the logo gives us a bright and pleased feeling in the visual effect. It thus illustrates consumers’ impression of “no need to think more”. What will be better than trading second-hand luxury on a trustworthy platform?
ZZER 只二,国内最具影响力的奢侈品二手交易品牌之一,也是近几年发展最为迅速的奢侈品二手交易平台 APP。ZZER 只二的品牌设计,其核心问题在于如何建立起奢侈品交易中的高信任感,而非仅仅通过视觉去提升品牌形象的价值感。我们知道在奢侈品的二手交易中的买卖双方对价值感的判断往往是不同的,卖家更在乎平台效率、展示效果,以及服务的细致程度;而买家则更关心商品种类数量、平台规模和信誉保障、以及对产品的客观描述。我们在买卖双方两种不同的视角中去寻找共性,试图用一种更为准确的方式满足并平衡不同的需求。

我们将ZZER 只二的品牌形象归纳为:高识别性、适度的大胆、经典与现代的守恒。高识别性:用于展现奢侈品价值感的特性,也试图唤起消费者对于奢侈品品牌的联想;适度的大胆:在我们看来,在风格和语言尺度上的突破正是奢侈品二手交易平台所需要的独特气质,一个自信的、有态度的、强调自我的交易平台,会让交易的双方更容易产生足够的安全感和信任感;经典与现代的守恒:就像我们分别去理解买卖行为一样,我们希望ZZER 只二的品牌形象能兼顾更加多元多样的可能,无论是经典还是现代,无论是优雅还是叛逆,都能在ZZER 只二中寻找到归属感。

ZZER 只二是简洁优美,并充满力量感的衬线体。重复并叠加的双 Z 造型是标识中最明显的视觉印象,也是标识中最富现代感的一面。同时,在 ER 的字型处理上,我们使用了极限的收窄 E 和大尺度的释放 R,这使得ZZER 只二 标识在整体视觉上呈现出爽朗和快意的一面,并以此来诠释“不必多想”的消费感受——在一个可充分信任的平台上消费二手奢侈品,还有什么比这个更爽呢?

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