ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER: Han Lu / Xu Mingru / Xue Taiyu
YEAR: 2021-2023
As a rising star in the pet industry, WOMO positions its cat food products in the mid- to high-end market. In the design of this new brand's image, we aim to define a design language that is not only iconic and distinctive in the pet industry, but also conveys a sense of high quality, enabling consumers to quickly recognize the brand and generate a strong willingness to purchase. The new brand lacks storytelling abilities, which is why it is crucial to convey the brand's characteristics through direct and straightforward means. We believe that a mid- to high-end cat food brand needs to demonstrate three key attributes to consumers: deliciousness, fun, and visual appeal. In terms of packaging design, we have moved away from the traditional large bags and adopted a more convenient and storage-friendly bucket format. Corresponding content structures are set for different sizes and specifications of bucket designs. The packaging features highly saturated vibrant colors, which enhance the perception of freshness and deliciousness in the ingredients. The inclusion of illustrations and speech bubbles adds interest and logical relationships to the layout elements. In terms of content and material craftsmanship, we strive for richer detail presentation. We want consumers to experience WOMO's relentless pursuit of quality when they receive the products, leaving them with a delicious, fun, and lasting impression, thus forming a complete brand recognition.

Cats have unique personalities, making it a demanding task to be a cat owner. They are typically more discerning in their preferences. Therefore, we aim to incorporate some distinct and playful language in the branding of products related to pet cats, allowing cat owners to experience a sense of being "special." This is our interpretation of WOMO (pronounced as "wo mao" in Chinese), a play on words that can be understood as "my cat."

猫的个性是比较特殊的。所以作为猫的主人,也会是比较辛苦的,他们通常会更为挑剔。我们希望能在与宠物猫相关的品牌塑造上增加一些与众不同的有趣的语言,让猫的主人们在选择和使用产品的过程中,体会到一种被“特别关注”的感觉。这就是我们对WOMO (谐音“我猫”)的一种解读方式。

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