ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER: Xu Mingru / Liu Xianping
YEAR: 2022
As a traditional pastry brand known all over China, TSIMKEE always remains its original taste and attempts to improve its quality and taste through decades of research. By taking court walnut pastry king as the featured product, TSIMKEE has gradually found its market advantages and won the public praise and reputation. The implied meaning and purpose behind this rebranding is to create the brand personality, improve the brand value, and redefine the brand spirit of TSIMKEE.

In the food industry where cakes and pastries develop, there are strict standards on the product quality, repurchase rate and exquisite packaging. At the same time, TSIMKEE’s product superiority comes from its “authentic” and “traditional” product orientation. Under the above limited conditions, TSIMKEE should be surely characterized by its purpose that “meets consumers’ expectations for the traditional pastry brands but breaks through their conservative views of this category to a certain extent”.

We firstly set the Chinese logo of TSIMKEE in a modern font of primitive simplicity and let the stroke changes in this simple and refined modern font to highlight its exquisite and warm humanistic sense. At the same time, we boldly adopt a pie shape leaving enough blank space inside and put TSIMKEE in the center. The name of TSIMKEE is wrapped with other auxiliary information in four directions for decorative text wrapping. This is layout change based on the Chinese style, so as to highlight TSIMKEE’s brand value and pay its respect to the tradition in this form.

The new logo of TSIMKEE can be used in four different ways and generates changes from simple to gorgeous styles for different application scenarios. The four ways are as follows: (1) TSIMKEE’s Chinese logo; (2) TSIMKEE’s standard pie-shape logomark; (3) chain-type text wrapping for TSIMKEE’s pie-shape logomark; (4) continuous brick-type text wrapping for TSIMKEE’s pie-shape logomark. In consideration of diverse consumption scenarios in the future and changes in logo application media, TSIMKEE’s logo is widely used, which is uniform and eye-catching, showing its very modern and flexible characteristics. This is exactly TSIMKEE’s goal and direction in the future brand development: to provide consumers with more abundant, diversified and modern pastry choices based on the traditional cakes and pastries.




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