ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young
DESIGNER:  Wen Di / Hu Wen
YEAR: 2022
CLIENT: Aimer Group
The design process of HUXI is like an unknown and beautiful journey. The word unknown refers to the uncertainty of purpose, while beautiful means the unexpected surprises that appear in the process of exploration. In our opinion, it is exactly the unknown purpose that leads to such surprising and beautiful results.

HUXI seems more like a technology brand than a clothing brand. Even in our eyes, HUXI is firstly a technology brand before being a clothing brand. Through so many years of efforts, HUXI has given play to the quality of a thread to the limit by weaving it into three-dimensional clothing that elastic, supportive, warm and skin-friendly. This is not only the art of technology but another breakthrough in human imagination. Previous experience has lost its purpose in front of the new innovative ideas. We just started our design of HUXI in such a state.

“Threads are woven into dreams”. HUXI’s brand image begins with weaving the most original threads into dreamlike surfaces through changes. In our view, HUXI’s brand vision restores the course of evolution from fabric to clothing, from a thread, to a piece of cloth and finally a piece of beautiful clothing. First of all, HUXI’s logo is presented two different forms, loose and tight. The two forms are used to describe the freer and more close-fitting product quality, and embody HUXI visually. In addition, there is a rich pattern recognition system parallel to HUXI’s logo recognition. The basic elements of the pattern system come from the “threads” in the logo. The angle, gray scale and position of lines in the logo are changed to form the surface texture of fabric and create abundant color relationships. It gives us a flowing and pleasant visual experience of weaving threads into dreams, completing the transition from the purest to the richest. This is a perfect integration of technology and art, which forms the unique visual identity of HUXI.

We spent much time thinking about how to define a thread in the design process. We believed that there must be extraordinary possibilities contained in the most basic elements. Ultimately, we decided to give this thread freedom and let it stretch, grow and dance as a free running girl, inspiration flashing quickly and a slowly unfolding dream web. This is exactly HUXI’s new understanding of clothing.






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