官栈 Guan Zhan

ART DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Wang Xiaoshuai / Hu Wen
YEAR: 2021
CLIENT: 官栈 GuanZhan
In China, the care of ingredients and the nourishment of the body has always been a top demand in the food culture since ancient times. Through high technology, modern people can enjoy rare ingredients in a more convenient, affordable and healthy way. GuanZhan is a leading brand in bringing premium ingredients into modern life.

GuanZhan is a brand of Chinese tonic products with a history of nearly two decades and a good user reputation. The significance of its rebranding is to find a more appropriate brand image, establish a high-end, stable and unique visual identity system, enhance the consumer experience and translate the high-end tonic into a refined aesthetic that is more in line with modern lifestyles.

In the design of GuanZhan, we have always been concerned with the connection between tradition and modernity. We have retained the structure of the modern typeface, while adding the beauty of traditional calligraphy and exaggerating some details to give the logo a majestic and stable appearance. This design language will also be used for other aspects, from the logo, layout to packaging, where the intersection of tradition and modernity is always present. In the design of the pattern, we use the dark blue of the ocean and a continuous semi-circle to create an image of the waves, inspired from a photograph that was shown to us as representative of the spirit of the brand: a vast sea, simple fishermen, a smile and the sun rising in the distance.