Canban 参半

ART DIRECTOR: Guang Yu / Nod Young  
DESIGNER: Wen Di / Hu Wen
YEAR: 2021
CLIENT: Canban 参半
Canban is a main oral care brand in China and one of the fastest growing emerging brands. In our view, the main reason why Canban has rapidly developed and achieved success in the market competition is that Canban’s product features are defined as youthful, fashionable and daily. Such a product interpretation is quite different from those indifferent profession and changeless stereotyped image commonly seen in the traditional oral care industry. Consumers have more diversified demands for oral care, who may pursue more comfortable and fashionable daily oral care instead of only professional cleaning needs. For this reason, Canban’s rebranding lies in giving users a rich and relaxed sense of daily life while guaranteeing the product quality and professional standard.

We searched for possibilities in the industries of beverage, skin care and fashion in order to realize Canban’s characteristics of nice taste, high quality and good looking. We firstly established a color system for Canban and formed its unique visual identity core through bicolor area division based on the meaning of “half” in its brand name in Chinese. The purpose is not only to make Canban’s products more distinctive but also allow consumers to quickly distinguish the different tastes and characteristics of products by colors. In addition, we created rich possibilities for content presentation in the bicolor area, including colors, images, illustrations, which can be perfectly presented and ensure the effective transmission of text information to the greatest extent. Finally, we referred to the practice of beverage products for layout, enlarged the product name and sorted out the illustrative words in priority order. This helps consumers to learn about all the necessary information at a glance and avoid reading disorder or tough choice caused by excessive key information.


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