Bananain Kids

DIRECTOR: Nod Young / Guang Yu
DESIGNER: Han Lu / Xi Xi
YEAR: 2022
CLIENT: Bananain
Our cooperation with Bananain can be traced back to 2019 when Bananain’s brand image we designed received very high market evaluation. Bananain has been one of the most influential brands of underwear and leisure wear in China after several years of development. Besides, the “big label” visual system used for Bananain has also become one of the brand images that Chinese consumers are most familiar with and take delight in talking about. This rebranding of Bananain Kids a special version based on the previous design of brand image. It is not only an upgrade of brand image but also a new understanding of Bananain in the perspective of kids. We made three key actions allowing Bananain Kids to show a quite different brand personality without jumping out of the main frame.

Action 1: Enlargement. Everything seems to be bigger in kids’ eyes. For example, an orange we pick up casually may look as big as a basketball to kids. We enlarged the brand information including the logo and big labels as far as possible without exceeding the horizontal width. The enlarged Bananain, compared with the previous one, seems to be more cute and clumsy, bringing more enjoyment to kids.

Action 2: Color. Kids are more sensitive to colors. Bananain Kids is a colorful and gorgeous world for kids where they have an opportunity to see more colors and have more color stimulation. The visual elements including the logo and big labels have been re-colored. All contents are not strictly restricted in colors except for the logo that needs to remain within the fixed scope of colors.

Action 3: Pile up. Among the three actions, the most childlike expression is to pile up. How can we perfectly present children’s characteristics? We achieve this purpose by destroying the original regular structure. The orderly arranged big labels are disorganized like building blocks and piled up together. In our view, it’s more in line with kids’ understanding of the world to pile everything up together in such a casual way. Of course, there is no real randomness from the perspective of brand image and design rules. The effect of random stacking we see is just the outcome of logical and precise design. The intention conveyed is that we hope kids’ innocence will not compromise the quality of brand.

我们与蕉内的合作要追溯到 2019 年,当时我们为蕉内设计的品牌形象获得了很高的市场评价。经过几年发展,蕉内已经成为中国最具影响力的内衣、家居服品牌,而蕉内所使用的“大标签”视觉系统也成为中国消费者最熟悉、最津津乐道的品牌形象之一。此次蕉内儿童的品牌升级,是基于上一个品牌形象设计的特殊版本,不仅仅是品牌形象上的升级,而更像是站在儿童的角度如何重新理解蕉内。针对这次品牌升级,我们做了三个关键动作,而这三个关键动作让蕉内儿童在没有跳出主框架的基础上,展现出完全不同的品牌气质。




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